My First dance, “A Tribute to My Grandmother”

I choreographed my first dance two years ago for my grandmother’s eighty- fifth birthday party. I danced to ” I smile” by Kirk Franklin. I choose this song because everyone should smile even if it hurts them. My grandmother is a strong woman going through many health issues. She still has a smile on her face no matter how hard it is. She always tells me,” I’m going to keep on walking till the good Lord tells me to stop”. This song symbolized her strong will. As I danced, I portrayed that same mindset. Everyone said they felt exactly what I expressed. I thought I would have a hard time choreographing my own dance. Instead I took my time and allowed the words to dictate how I felt. The dance moves than became very easy to express.

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8 Responses to My First dance, “A Tribute to My Grandmother”

  1. That’s so beautiful, is there any way we can see the performance? Maybe a small piece of it? 🙂

  2. Hey, guess what? This is NOT boring! Keep exploring your connection to dance. I agree with Naihomy. Post a video of you dancing and let us respond to it. That would give us a personal connection to your topic. Write daily… Mrs. T

  3. Am still looking for a video of you!

  4. Barbara Kobritz says:

    Cheray! Beautiful story. I want to see you dance.

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