“No Wonder They call me a bitch” Why did the narator choose to write a story about her experience with dog food?

“Rice” What was the significance of writing a narrative essay about rice?

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  1. She was trying to see if what she imagined the foods to be as a child was the same when she was an adult. (perception of food and how it changed.

    The rice dish was what the father took pride in making for all of the childrens first taste of solid food. It showed the respect every one had for her father and the fact that hes the only one who has the recipe.

  2. smg0003 says:

    When she was a child, the narrator of “No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch” always wondered what dog food tasted like. As an adult, she decided to investigate and find the answer to the question. She probably was reminded of her childhood curiosity because she still has a dog.

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